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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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storm karen churns closer to land. we'll see what it could mean for our area. family members are planning to speak out tonight about the woman behind the wheel of a that dramatic place on capitol hill. >> she was shot and killed after trying to ram through a barricade at the white house and leading police through a chase on capitol hill. her 1-year-old daughter was in the car and now relatives say she suffered from post par dumb depression and was delusional. thought the federal government was watching her and president obama was communicating with her. those new details could shed some light on a motive, but tonight there are also new questions about the response. after police opened fire, 26 times on a woman who had no gun. shomari stone is live at the live desk with the suspect's family. >> good evening.
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that news conference is supposed to take place outside the victim's sister's home in brooklyn, new york. now, here's a live picture as we wait to hear from them. now, moments ago the attorney came outside and talked to the media, stating that, hey, the family is going to come out and talk to you. he went back inside. now, earlier today her relatives were here in d.c. they walked inside the medical examiner's office to identify and claim her body and take her daughter back home. as this family mourns, we're learning more about the events leading up to the scene. she was shot yesterday after a high speed car chase from the white house to the u.s. capitol. police and federal agents searched her condo in stanford, connecticut. talked to her relatives and found out she had been diagnosed with depression and psychosis. she had recently stopped taking her medications. yesterday they say she drove directly from connecticut to one of the security check points on the white house grounds.
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smashing into temporary fencing, reversing, an hitting a secret service officer, causing minor injuries. she speeds away, driving at one point up to 80 miles an hour up pennsylvania avenue to the capitol. as they approach weed her car she jammed it into reverse, striking a patrol car and again speeding away. police say officers and the secret service fired nine shots. but she kept driving, looping around the traffic circles up to the capitol building with bullet holes on the bapassenger side door. she stopped at the other side of the capitol from the white house and backed into this police guard booth. this is where officers say they fired 17 shots. only afterward did they discover that her 1-year-old child was in the car urnharmed. chuck told nbc news that police are trained not to shoot at fleeing cars but around the white house and capitol, he says there's a constant worry about car bombs. >> improvised device, you have
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terrorism. police in washington, d.c. is a lot more complicated. they have to protect u.s. capitol and the white house. they are concerned about terrorism. >> reporter: now, we'll continue to monitor the news conference. you'ring looking at a live picture there in front of the relatives of mariam kerry and we're going to bring you the news conference when it happens. from the live desk, i'm shomari stone, news 4. tonight the officers who responded to that incident on capitol hill are still waiting for an upgrade in their communications, an upgrade that might have stopped her sooner. news 4 has learned that secret service agents who first pursued her car couldn't warn capitol police officers because the agency's two-way radio systems are not compatible. it was the same issue a few weeks ago when the navy yard shooting, they could not communicate with each other.
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>> they couldn't talk about what was going on. some police agencies have radios that are meant for tow trucks and cab drivers. >> the news 4 i-team learned that a budget problem has delayed the radio system upgrade for capitol police since 2007. a member of the police union says it could be at least a month before the new radios arrive. joggers ripped off their shirts to help put out the flames of a man who set himself on fire this afternoon on the national mall. a police spokesperson says the man was conscious and breathing at the scene and taken to the hospital by helicopter. he is listed in critical condition tonight. now to the government shutdown that is going into its fifth day. tomorrow the house is expected to approve a measure to pay 800,000 federal workers when this all ends. then the lawmakers get a two-daybreak and they won't return until monday night. the senate also is considering allowing backpay for government workers.
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the two sides are talking about the need to negotiate on the budget but are no closer to actually doing that. >> this shutdown could be over today. we know there are the votes for it in the house of representatives. as i said yesterday, speaker boehner will simply allow that vote to take place, we could send this shutdown. >> we open the government and bring fairness to the american people under obama care. >> nbc news learned there are enough votes to end the shutdown but house leaders will not call the vote in order to avoid alienating tea party conservatives who are linking the budget to the health care law. the government shutdown has many people stretched thin and struggling to make ends meet. erika gonzales with more on the impact and the growing frustration across washington. erika? >> vance, it is friday night in the nation's capital. and with the shutdown going into its fifth day, it is not business as usual around here.
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friday night in d.c. and the pour house in southeast has never been more empty. >> it's d.c. this is not normal. >> reporter: jonathan is one of hundreds of thousands of people furloughed. so you're drinking earlier. >> it helps. it helps. be amongst friends. >> reporter: and while he has some money saved, the more time passes, the more the pressure mounts. >> on the first of the month and at the middle of the month when my student debt loans get called. >> try to keep upbeat and enjoy ourselves as we can through this. we hope it will come to a resolution soon. >> reporter: the bar top is all but empty. glasses are squeaky clean and kegs haven't even been tapped. if you usually think it's hard to get a bartender's attention, not tonight, you won't. this bar has three floors. the attendance in two of them, busine dismal. and the third, so-so. federal employees are not the
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only ones feeling the blow of the government shutdown. >> i should normally walk out with $250, $300. tonight my night walk out with $20. >> reporter: she cia said at this rate she may not be able to pay her rent. >> probably the only two people i'll see the entire night. >> at least you guys don't have to fight anybody for the table. >> that is true. >> reporter: this is an expensive town to live in. and a lot of the folks that we talked to said with mounting student debt, one of their greatest concerns is having to turn to their parents for help with no end in sight to the shutdown. live at the capital, erika gonzales, news 4. the national cathedral wants to help couples who had planned to get married on federal property. 24 weddings are scheduled at the national mall this monday and had to be postponed because of the government shutdown so they are offering their garden for the ceremonies free of charge.
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meanwhile, out in the gulf of mexico, state of emergency already in place for several states as tropical storm karen closes in. there are mandatory vok wagseva. it could bring up to ten inches of rain. where is karen now and what does it mean for us up here in the mid atlantic? >> thanks a lot. yeah, it's sitting in the central gulf of mexico. and it's a little bit more than a day for making landfall. let me tell you, i've been tracking this ever since our last update. it has weakened and it has slowed down. karen now has winds 50 miles per hour down to 45 miles per hour. there it is spinning. landfall still set for some time. very late saturday night, early sunday morning between new orleans and panama city, florida. what happens after that, it stops novembering north and lieu the northeast. through georgia, through south carolina, north carolina, and into virginia where it will be impacting our area.
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but now it looks like it will be a little later. i'll have the details on that as well as our hot weekend and how unusual this heat has been for this area coming up. >> thanks, veronica. new at 11:00, an elaborate drug operation uncovered at a licensed in-home day care in maryland. a man named david anderson who lives in howard county is facing charges. police say he was growing marijuana under the home as kids played p upstairs. the day care's license has been suspended as this investigation continues. also new tonight. the long ride is over for 40 dogs who were rescued from a puppy mill in kentucky. local rescue groups met the transport tonight, picking up theanimals. the dogs were found in horrific conditions in a puppy mill and the animal rescue core of tacoma park picked them up. they will be available for
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adoption soon. coming up tonight, routine traffic stop ended up in gunfire. tonight, a dra t mat tick shootout on an oregon highway. the fbi can't seem to catch him. details on the man who has robbed the same local bank six tim times. and by now you've seen the video but new details about who was in that crowd and why a police officer did nothing to
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the woman involved in that deadly car chase the other day is speaking now at their parents' home in brooklyn. let's listen in.
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>> these are the questions that we'll continue to ask and hopefully we'll get a better understanding. so her mental status has no bearings on what happened. it doesn't contribute to the events. i don't see how those can be connected. unfortunately, if someone is having a crisis, someone do have a momentary, you know, moment of instability, any citizen, how do the people that are put in place to protect, how do they help you, how do they figure out what is happening and, you know, operate in a way that they can contain the situation and give you the help that you deserve. that's what my focus is. i really feel that it's not justified. it's not justified. >> what do you know right now about your niece? how is she doing? where is she? >> unfortunately we don't know a lot about where our niece is. we are --
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>> we were just told that she's safe. she was taken away by child protective services. and the family has to make sure that we take the necessary steps to get her back into our lives and make sure that she's being treated properly. we don't know if she's going to be us or with the father. we don't know any of those things right now. so hopefully the days going forward we can get more information and go forward with, you know, getting her to be with the family. we really feel she should be amongst the family. that's where she should be. >> is she still in d.c.? >> we're not sure. >> the woman involved in that deadly car chase, t at both the white house and on capitol hill yesterday, they're saying that they are concerned that their relative was shot and killed by
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the police. . shots fired. shots fired. >> tonight, investigators still don't know why a military veteran started this deadly shootout with an oregon state trooper with three children, his three children, in the car. police recently released this dash cam video of the eggs change. the gunman's name is john van allen. he suddenly opened fire after the trooper pulled him over for speeding. the trooper t shot back. van allen was hit in the chest. he still got in his car and drove away. he did though later die behind the wheel. his kids were placed in protective custody. the trooper suffered minor injuries. here at homesh dubbed the beacon hill bandit and he struck again. the same guy robbed the same bank six times. the latest hold-up happened this afternoon at the td bank on richmond highway in alexandria across from the beacon hill
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shopping center. undercover new york city police officer was one of the motorcycle riders who chased down an suv driver up in new york. helmet cam video shows bikers sushding then approaching that suv. the driver says he feared for the life of his wife and daughter. so he sped away. accidentally hitting and critically injuries one of the bikers. the riders chased him, smashed in the window, and beat him severe severely. nbc sources say the underkor officer came forward wednesday, four days after that attack. much of the gulf coast remains on alert tonight for the first gulf storm of our hurricane season. it's tropical storm karen. taking aim at an area from louisiana through the florida panhandle. jay gray is in pensacola beach with a look at the conditions and the rush to get ready. >> a sunset surf patrol. as the waves pick up ahead of the wind and rain here. >> hope all citizens will
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continue to be vigilant, be careful, be prepared. >> reporter: as tropical storm karen takes aim at the gulf coast where watches and warnings now stretch from south louisiana through the florida panhandle. emergency management teams are watching and working around the clock. the red cross is delivering essentials across the region. and crews are packing up or locking down everything they can while many who live in the strike zone are stacking sandbags to keep the water out and stocking up supplies to ride out the storm. >> brought lots of water an food and everything. getting prepared for it. >> reporter: on the beach, even the lifeguard stands like a lot of the visitors here are moving to higher ground. >> i think we decided that we're going to leave maybe a day earlier than what we had originally planned. >> reporter: but for some, not before they leave one last set of tracks in the sand as karen continues to track toward the coast. jay gray, nbc news, pensacola
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beach, florida. >> pretty wide storm. parts of it are going to make their way up here. >> exactly. this will be the first time, too, that we get any tropical type rains from the hurricane system that doesn't end until november 30th. still impacting our area. follow me over to the weather wall as we look outside. i'll explain what's going on. we've got out there now a mostly clear sky. very warm evening, too. as we hit the day tomorrow, as we hit the day running some early morning fog by afternoon, just a few clouds out there. partly cloudy afternoon. again, another hot afternoon for us. can't rule out another isolated shower. mainly to the north of us. not a big deal at all. most of you not even noticing it. all right. what's changed from earlier today is that the cold front slowing down a little bit. the moisture from karen slowing down a little bit. so expect the heavy rain, moderate and heavy rain overnight monday, the bigger day
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that will be impacted will tuesday as opposed to monday. so everything moving a little later now late monday. as far as today goes, we hit a high of 90. the record high for the day, 94 degrees. just how unusual was this heat? well, the last time we had 90 degrees in october was 2007. this was our fourth latest 90-degree day since 1971. the heat ends on sunday. 74 degrees right now. we're at 66 early tomorrow morning. 68 already by 9:00 a.m. yes, tomorrow will be another warm day. hard to think of fall in pictures like this. but this is from snowshoe mountain, west virginia. photo from phil duncan. wouldn't you like to be in one of those chairs there? good bit to take a drive out west this weekend an take in the fall color. 89, close to 90 degrees tomorrow. the northern virginia temperatures, leesburg to orange, upper 80s. a lot of 90s, too, in
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neighborhoods around culpeper, orange, fredericksburg. it is going to be hot tomorrow. doing anything outside, remember to hydrate. here's your weekend. it's dry, it's hot. in fact, even on sunday i think we could have just a touch of humidity coming our way on sunday. the high, 87 degrees. feeling like july but all that will be ending after the weekend. notice the 70s stretch all throughout next week. and some cool mornings coming our way as well, as far as monday goes, i do think we could see about an inch and a half of rain out of that weather system. inch and a half, maybe even two. especially if it slows down and stalls. tusi in tuesday looking like the real soggy day for us. coming up in sports, we've got the braves and
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. so we saw the pirates win earlier today. we're very happy about that. we don't really care who wins between the braves and the dodgers. let's find out anyhow. >> kind of frustrates you to think that the nats didn't get to the playoffs especially when you watch this because this could have been great. >> this time last year we were jacked up. >> i wasn't here but i'm sure it was awesome. also awesome in october is you never know what's going of happen. the dodgers have been one of the best teams in baseball this year. they are in a playoff series against atlanta right now. the braves, six visits to the playoffs ♪ last 12 years and never won. guess what, new life has been airlifted into this series. the joint was rocking. the fans were chopping. braves fans hoping your team can even the series at 1-1. matt on the ball with man on the conner. swinging to end the inning. five strikeouts. one run allowed through 61/3 nor
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mi b.j. up on tton in to score. oh, yeah, baby. top nine now. dodgers within a run. craig on to close it out. crawford with a man on. a swinging strikeout to end the game. hello braves. they old on 4-3. this series is tied at 1-1. oakland, as hosting the tigers. detroit got to work right away. two on for miguel cabrera. he lines one through the legs. jackson in to score a rbi single for cabrera. bottom two now. tigers up, 3-0. matt, 21 games this season and he doesn't look like he's going to slow down. he sends josh reddick down swinging. already struckout nine. hello. just five. yes, it was. tigers lead it, 3-0. right now in the sixth inning.
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the next few weeks at many high schools is homecoming for sherwood football head coach greer he's making his head coming sweeter. this is his first year at the helm but he played at sherwood when he was in high school and maybe that's what's helping this team. under the friday night lights. first quarter, sherwood on the board first. travis leading. takes the handoff. sherwood takes a 7-0 lead. second quarter now. finds marquise thomas, 56-yard hook up. he got to play right after working on it all weekend practice. practice makes perfect. 14-0. seneca valley wins a ttd. he picks it off. sherwood goes on to win it. >> very sweet. >> 4-1 on this season. good for
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>> jay: so let me see if i got this right. you guys are in a fantasy football league. and the loser has to get a a really ugly tattoo picked out by the winner. is that how it works? >> yep. >> yeah. >> that's how it works. >> okay, so who lost last year? >> jay, i did. and it's just kind of a very embarrassing, really ugly tattoo. >> okay, can we see it? >> jay: let's see it. >> yeah, sure. [ laughter and applause ] that's you. >> i know it's me.
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